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    Professional academic tuition focussed on your child´s needs.

    Warning signs to look for......

    • Underachievement: could do better
    • Lacks focus and is easily distracted
    • Poor school and NAPLAN results
    • Boredom
    • Avoidance of schoolwork
    • Reading and comprehension problems
    • Poor written expression
    • Spelling, phonics and editing difficulties
    • Struggling with Mathematics
    • Indicators are present for dyslexia
    • Aggressive or passive behaviours

    Possible causes

    • Learning difficulties
    • Poor teaching/learning programs
    • Developmental delay and immaturity
    • Low self esteem
    • Lacking stimulation: very intelligent or gifted
    • Relocation from overseas or interstate
    • Non-English speaking



    • GreenwoodMondays (Session 1: 3:45pm to 4:45pm; Session 2: 5:00pm to 6:00pm)
    • Sorrento: Tuesdays (4pm - 5pm)
    • Ocean Reef: Thursdays (Session 1: 3:45pm to 4:45pm; Session 2: 5:00pm to 6:00pm)

    Home tuition all areas, ages and subjects

    Tutors come to your home and costs vary depending on qualifications and experience. Tutors range from undergraduates to qualified teachers.

    Times and days are flexible.


    ALLY (Year 9 student):

    Maths was my worst subject! I was failing and Mum said I had to do tutoring. Tutoring at A Learning is hard work, but fun and my last maths test scored 99%. Thank you so much ... A1 Learning.

    MELANIE (parent of Year 4 Amy):

    Amy was so bored at school. (A1 Learning) have really boosted her levels and encouraged her to prove her potential. She recently was picked as a finalist in the Young Writers Competition and is studying to sit the GATE testing for Perth Modern School and to try out for a scholarship to St Mary's or MLC.

    STU and BEC (parents of Year 1 twins, Drew and Will):

    The boys were struggling at school and we were desperate for help. (A1 Learning) assessed both boys, diagnosed their learning styles and set up an action plan.  We noticed a huge difference within weeks and now they are cruising along and much happier. Most importantly, (A1 Learning) has helped us to understand their difficulties and shown us how to help them in the future.  

    For more information on how we can help, Call us today - 0411 420 218

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